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6 Ways You Could be Killing Your Car

Whether you own a new car or an older model, your car requires regular care and maintenance in order to stay safely on the roads. Ignoring warning signs and key services is the quickest way to send a vehicle to an early grave… The Car Care Council offers the following warnings about 6 ways youRead More

Spring Danger: Wet Roads

April showers bring May flowers. While we find comfort in this phrase on gloomy days, it doesn’t make the rain go away… To help you prepare for spring rain showers, our auto repair experts are offering three tips for your vehicle. 1. Tires – Wet roads mean your vehicle is at increased risk for hydroplaning.Read More

Check your Headlights

Whether you’re embarking on a road trip to visit family or commuting to and from work, winter has its own set of driving challenges and safety considerations. One of the biggest is almost one of the most forgotten – it is dark. Winter days are short and matched with long, dark evenings. As the sunRead More

Winter Road Hazards

Whether it’s snow, rain, or ice, the roads in your neighborhood may be feeling the brunt of the harsh weather making its way through the country. These road hazards that tend to appear this time of year can put you and your car at risk and could end up costing you thousands in repair bills.Read More

5 Tips to Stay Safe this Winter

Happy Holidays! We hope you are fully enjoying this season, spending time with your family. Winter is here, which means the days are getting colder and shorter. Whether you’re embarking on a road trip to visit family or commuting to and from work, here are a few tips to stay safe this winter: 1. SlowRead More

Do I need Snow Tires?

Winter means wet and icy roads across Monument. These conditions can be challenging for your vehicle’s tires, which need to grip and handle diverse and adverse weather conditions. If you are considering snow tires, stop by JJ Tracks Tire & Auto Center for advice. Our experts will help you identify the best tire option forRead More

8 Car Systems to Check this Fall

October is Fall Car Care Month! As we enter the holiday season, fall weather in Monument is predictably… unpredictable. But taking a few steps now can help you avoid the headaches of costly breakdowns later. This month, we’re offering tips for preparing for the fall season, adapted from Car Care Council. Bring your vehicle intoRead More

Headlight Restorations

Are your headlights ready for shorter days? Your lights turn on, so you may assume they work just fine while driving around Colorado, but do they perform well enough to keep you prepared and safe? Now that we are seeing the daylight hours shrink, your need for effective lighting to keep you safe by illuminatingRead More

Back-to-School — Carpools and College Travel

Back-to-school season is already here! In Monument and across Colorado, schools are starting. Families are getting ready to get their kids to school with a new carpool. College students are packing up their cars to head to campus for a new semester. Before the back-to-school rush catches up with all of us, now is aRead More

Dirty Cabin Air Filters and your Health

Your cabin air filter is a quick and easy fix, but it’s just as easy to put off. Many people wait to change filters to save a few dollars, but it could be harming more than your vehicle. The cabin air filter is responsible for cleaning the air before it enters the cabin where youRead More