Back-to-School — Carpools and College Travel

Back-to-school season is already here! In Monument and across Colorado, schools are starting. Families are getting ready to get their kids to school with a new carpool. College students are packing up their cars to head to campus for a new semester.

Before the back-to-school rush catches up with all of us, now is a great time to plan ahead for the fall season.

Carpools are a great way for parents to support each other and get all their children safely to school. Save money on gas and maintenance and save time by sharing the load with other parents in your neighborhood and community.

After you set up a carpool, make sure everyone in the group has the schedule, back-up plan, and contact information. Include a contact list for your child so they can ask for help if they miss a bus or ride.

Don’t be the weak link in the carpool! Make sure your family vehicle is ready for the school year with a safety inspection (and encourage the other parents in the carpool to do the same).

If you are sending your child off to college or trade school, make sure they have a safe and reliable vehicle. Long-distance maintenance can be a hassle, especially when your child and the car are hundreds of miles away and you’re dealing with somebody you don’t know over the phone… Instead, take care of items now at home with a shop you can trust.

Our technicians at JJ Tracks Tire & Auto Center are happy to inspect the vehicle and review our recommendations with you and your child, so they are aware of basic maintenance items to watch and tasks to perform while they are away from home to keep their vehicle safe.

Take care of your vehicle’s seasonal maintenance now, before busy fall school and activity schedules are in full swing.

If you struggle to find the time for car maintenance, call our technicians at 719-481-4393. We know how busy this season can be, and will work with you to balance your family budget, schedule, and vehicle maintenance needs.