Stopping quickly when it matters most is important for the safety of your vehicle on the road! Which means your brakes require periodic maintenance and service to ensure safe function while you drive the roads in Colorado.

One of the most often neglected services is also an important one – flushing your vehicle’s brake fluid. As the fluid ages, it begins to oxidize and corrode, leaving deposits the flow through the brake system and cause increased wear on the components.

The ASE Certified technicians at JJ Tracks have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose the problems affecting your vehicle’s brakes and perform the repairs and maintenance to keep you safely on the road. From ABS failure to CV joint repair, proper maintenance is critical to maintain the brake system in your vehicle. Our auto repair shop is equipped to perform brake services on every make and model of vehicle.

Services include:

Brake Repair Monument Colorado

  • Brake fluid leaks
  • Brake fluid fill
  • Flushing and bleeding brake lines
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake hose and steel line replacements
  • Drum and rotor resurfacing and replacement
  • Brake caliper refurbishment, rebuild, or replacement
  • Inspection of brake system and wheel bearings
  • Master cylinder replacement
  • CV joint replacement
  • ABS control module
  • Wheel speed sensor replacement

If your brakes grind, click as you turn, or lag in response, come to JJ Tracks right away to keep your vehicle safe. Call our experts at 719-481-4393 or schedule your appointment online.