Check your Headlights

Whether you’re embarking on a road trip to visit family or commuting to and from work, winter has its own set of driving challenges and safety considerations. One of the biggest is almost one of the most forgotten – it is dark.

Winter days are short and matched with long, dark evenings. As the sun goes down earlier in the day, traveling home in the evenings is darker and colder this time of year. And while you may not think about it most days, it is especially important to turn on your lights!

Street lights and other cars may make it possible for you to see the road as you drive, but even if you can navigate without them, your headlights serve another purpose – to help other drivers to see you.

Many newer cars are equipped with automatic lights, or day running lights, so the driver doesn’t have to think about turning them on and off. Even with these lights, you still need to turn on the headlights when driving at night for the best visibility.

To easily check your headlights, pull up to your closed garage door and look for the reflection. Get out of the car, walk around, and confirm that your lights are working properly (or have a passenger check before you head out). Don’t forget to test your turn signals too. If a bulb is burnt out, have it replaced right away for the safety of yourself, your family, and other drivers.

If your headlights are looking dim, have them cleaned! Wipe away the dirt, snow, and ice that accumulates from driving with a brush or wet rag. Next time you drop off your car for an oil change, ask our techs for a headlight cleaning. This quick service makes a remarkable difference, leaving your headlights looking like new while helping you see better and stay safe on the road!

We’re through the shortest days of the year, but we still have dark evenings ahead of us through the last weeks of winter. See and be seen, avoid accidents, and stay safe all winter by checking your headlights!

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