Dress up your Car!

Get your vehicle in the Halloween spirit with these decoration ideas!

If you’re going to “dress up” your car, keep your safety as the priority. Don’t add decals or paint to the windows that will impair your vision on the road. Avoid hanging cloth or decorations outside the vehicle that could get caught in the tires as you move, and avoid spectacles that will put other drivers at risk. While it is fun to get in the spooky spirit of the holiday, safety comes first!

• Park your car on the street, and set up a plastic skeleton in the driver’s seat. You’re sure to spook unsuspecting onlookers as they pass by.
• Add paper teeth to the inside of your trunk. When you raise the lift, your car will come to life!
• If you park in the driveway, grab a car cover. Add some features to transform an orange cover into a jack-o-lantern or a white cover into a ghost or green into Frankenstein… use your imagination!
• Grab some temporary car paint for fun and easy decorations.
• Add eyes and teeth to the front of your car, without blocking headlights or vents, to give your car personality for the holiday!
• The same window decals you use at home can be a fun and easy way to dress up your car. Have your kids stick them to the inside of the passenger windows for instant entertainment on the road.

Remember – safety first! Never use decorations that will put you, your family, or other drivers at risk on the roads in Monument.

If you try any of these suggestions (or have other ideas of your own to share), stop by our Facebook page to let us know!