Fall Car Care Tips

Football, pumpkin spiced-everything, baseball playoffs, changing leaves…fall is here! As the days get shorter and the temperatures start to drop, this is the perfect time to get your vehicle ready for the weather we all know is coming: snow, sleet, ice, and a long, cold winter.

The first thing to consider is your suspension and alignment. Typically, it gets the most attention in the spring during pothole season. But it’s been a long summer of road construction, and all of those bumps and dips can mean both worn shocks/struts and wheels out of alignment – which in turn means your car might not be gripping the road well right when you need that grip the most.

Next is your battery, which has been suffering in the heat all summer long. Unfortunately, the damage caused by heat usually isn’t noticeable until a sub-freezing morning when you need to be at work for an early meeting. Before you wind up stranded with a vehicle that won’t start, considering having your battery tested to make sure it has enough power to start your car this winter.

Have you stocked up on wiper fluid? It’s a good time to start changing out your fluid to the winter blend, which doesn’t freeze at lower temperatures. Of course, don’t forget the other items that help you see the road clearly including wiper blades and headlights.

Finally, don’t forget about your coolant/anti-freeze. This fluid (two names for the same thing) is responsible for making sure your vehicle can start in freezing temperatures and that your vehicle doesn’t overheat once it’s been started. Don’t just check the level and move on – the pH balance is a critical part of your antifreeze, and one that should be checked regularly by an ASE-Certified technician. (When the pH balance is off, deposits can build up, rust can take over, and hoses can become damaged – all very bad things for your engine’s cooling system.)

Want to make sure your vehicle is ready for colder weather this fall and winter? Give us a call – (724) 925-7690 – our ASE-Certified technicians will do a complete inspection to make sure there aren’t problems lurking, just waiting until that first freeze to leave you stranded in the cold.