Headlight Restorations

Are your headlights ready for shorter days?

Your lights turn on, so you may assume they work just fine while driving around Colorado, but do they perform well enough to keep you prepared and safe?

Now that we are seeing the daylight hours shrink, your need for effective lighting to keep you safe by illuminating your travels as intended, and making you visible to others, is critical.

Over time, you may have clouded or dull looking headlights. Road debris and UV rays over time take a toll on these lenses. It is much more than a cosmetic problem. According to Consumer Reports, your night vision may be compromised and the effectiveness of your headlights may be reduced by as much as 80% when your lights are clouded.

Online you may be able to find a variety of temporary do-it-yourself suggestions to restore your headlights. We have seen everything from toothpaste to bug spray. The usual result is a minimal improvement cosmetically, but usually will look like you tried to fix your vehicle with toothpaste.

Many auto parts stores sell kits with a paste and sometime a polishing mitt or drill attachment. If you know what you are doing, these can be more effective than the home remedies. Swirls, patchy areas, burnt acrylic from the heat of the drill attachment, and possible damage to surrounding paint and trim can cause more harm than good. Consumer Reports tested several retail products with varying levels of both immediate and long-lasting successes.

Headlight restoration is not daunting, expensive, or time consuming for a trained technician with the correct tools and products. A typical restoration can be performed during your next oil change, only adding about 30 minutes to the service. Besides adding a dramatic level of before and after illumination to your commute, the overall appearance of your vehicle will improve greatly.

Next time you are at JJ Tracks Tire & Auto Center, we would be happy to inspect your headlights, and do what we can to light up your travels. Ask our experienced technicians about headlight restoration during your next inspection, or call our auto repair shop at (719) 481-4393.