Keeping your Teen Driver Safe this School Year

When you’re the parent of a teenage driver, you can’t help but worry about their safety on the roads. And while it’s tempting to install hidden cameras to monitor all of their movements or set maximum speed limits in cruise control, the only thing you can do is educate your teen driver and trust that they will make the right decisions.

Keep your teen driver safe on the roads with seatbelts, maintenance, and emergency plans from the auto experts at JJ Tracks Automotive Repair.

1. Seatbelts. This starts long before your child gets a learner’s permit. Setting strong examples by buckling seat belts every time they are in the car will make seatbelt use a habit. When your teen is behind the wheel, buckling a seatbelt will be second nature.
2. Car Maintenance. Having a well maintained and reliable vehicle is one of the best things you can do to keep your teen safe on the road. Bring their car into our shop for a safety inspection. Our certified technicians will check the key systems in your vehicle, recommend any needed service, and help you understand the condition of your teen’s car.

3. Emergency plans. If your teen driver finds themselves in an emergency, will they know what to do? Make sure they have an emergency kit packed, spare tire in good condition, and list of phone numbers to call if they need help – including yours, a towing service, and our shop: (719) 481-4393.

It’s natural to worry about your teenager on the roads in Monument, but with a little education and preparations your teenager will be ready to hit the road in a safe and reliable vehicle this school year! If you or your teen driver has any questions about their car or staying safe, call our team at (719) 481-4393.