Do I need Snow Tires?

Winter means wet and icy roads across Monument. These conditions can be challenging for your vehicle’s tires, which need to grip and handle diverse and adverse weather conditions.

If you are considering snow tires, stop by JJ Tracks Tire & Auto Center for advice. Our experts will help you identify the best tire option for your vehicle based on your driving habits and the Colorado weather.

Snow tires are not always necessary, but can be useful especially for drivers who spend a lot of time in snowy mountain roads. The traction laws affecting mountain highways are important to consider. Make sure your tires are equipped for mud and ice and have enough tread to meet the requirements.

Tire chains are also a good options for emergencies or extreme conditions. These devices are secured to the tire of your vehicle to provide extra traction in the snow and ice. They can help you stay in control even in adverse conditions.

Whether or not you need snow tires or tire chains this winter, it is important to check the condition of your tires.

First, check the air pressure. Too low pressure or deflated tires can affect traction, making it more likely for you to slide on slick roads. A tire pressure gauge costs only a few dollars. We recommend keeping one in your glove box to check every time you fill up your gas tank. If you are concerned or don’t have a pressure gauge at home, stop by JJ Tracks Tire & Auto Center for a quick check.

Also check your tire tread. We recommend having at least 4/32” of tread for snowy and icy conditions. This can be checked using a quarter with Washington’s head facing down.

Before the snow hits Monument, stop by JJ Tracks Tire & Auto Center for a tire inspection. Our experienced auto technicians will make sure your vehicle’s tires are ready for winter weather, with proper tread and pressure to keep you safe and in control. We’ll even help you pick out the best snow tires or all-weather tires for your vehicle. Request an appointment online or call (719) 481-4393.