New Year’s Resolution for your Vehicle

Every New Year is an opportunity to reflect and plan, which for many people means creating New Year’s Resolutions.

But instead of the usual suspects (exercise more, eat better, get organized), why not make a resolution that can help you save money – while getting a longer life for your vehicle!

Our team is bringing you five resolutions for your vehicle to try this year:

1. Check the tire pressure every time you’re at the gas pump.
It only takes a moment, but making this part of your car ritual can help you save money over time and increase the lifespan of your tires. You can pick up a tire pressure gauge for a few dollars. Keep it in your glove box, then while you’re pumping gasoline make a quick trip around the car to make sure the pressure is on point.

2. Test your battery.
It’s easy to ignore what’s under the hood until there’s a problem, but if you wait that long then it’s already too late. Make a habit of glancing under the hood once a month at least. Look for corrosion or white residue on the battery terminals, as this can be a sign of battery failure. Have your battery tested at our auto shop periodically to make sure it has enough power and voltage to keep your vehicle running.

3. Fill your Washer Fluid.
Winter weather in Monument requires a lot of washer fluid. Check the levels and refill often so you’re never caught in the snow or mud without visibility. You can pick up some windshield washer fluid to keep on hand, or stop by JJ Tracks Tire & Auto Center and we’ll refill the fluid for free.

4. Don’t put off Oil Changes.
If you wait too long between oil changes, the oil can hit specific gravity and is no longer as effective. Your engine will be at risk for damage, wear and tear, lower performance, and lost efficiency. Instead of waiting a few extra hundred or thousand miles between oil changes, have them performed on time for the best results.

5. Follow the Maintenance Schedule.
The recommended maintenance schedule addresses the key systems that need service based on the normal wear and tear of the vehicle. It’s meant to help you avoid damage (and expensive repairs) by keeping the main components of your vehicle in the best condition.

The certified technicians at JJ Tracks Tire & Auto Center will help you keep track of the maintenance schedule for your vehicle so you can achieve your car resolutions for this year! Call to learn more or schedule your next appointment: (719) 481-4393.