Seeing is Believing – Road Visibility

With spring rapidly approaching, cleaning is the inevitable duty we must all face. But this season, don’t just look at your house to get a deep clean; why not cross over to your vehicle too?

We want you to see this spring…winter can be harsh! The toll a tough season can have on your vehicle can make your driving experience irritating or even dangerous. Here are a few tips to keep that look out of your windshield flawless this spring:

Windshield Wipers: So often overlooked, windshield wipers are the key to an effective, inexpensive way to create better vision. Most wipers are only good for a year—tops. Any longer and they will crack, split, tear, and quickly become ineffective. Do your wipers streak when you clean your windshield? That’s a sign to have them replaced as soon as possible.

Headlights: Inevitably, headlights on a car will fade to a yellowish dim after a few years. At this point, you have two options—you could either: 1. Have them replaced—to the tune of $400—or, you could 2. Clean them yourself. The latter is cheap and easy…all you have to do is get ahold of some polish and some fine grit sandpaper. Sand the polish into the fading areas of your headlights, and in minutes they’ll be clear as day.

Glass Cleaner:
What would be the purpose of replacing your wipers and cleaning your headlights if your windshield is dirty? We recommend an aerosol glass cleaner to tackle the windows and mirrors in your car. Compared to a spray bottle, this glass cleaner will polish deeper, last longer, and frankly get your windows cleaner.

Bring your car in to JJ Tracks Tire & Auto Center and our ASE-Certified technicians will look over your vehicle to see what can be done to give you the clearest vision possible this spring!

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