Survival Guide for New Winter Drivers

For drivers who aren’t accustomed to snowy or icy road conditions, winter in Colorado can be both frightening and intimidating. Whether you recently moved to the Centennial State or are just visiting for the Holidays, knowing how to stay safe on wintry roads is extremely important.

Here are a few tips for negotiating the challenging road conditions El Paso County drivers can find themselves confronting during the winter months:

Slow down. “Better safe than sorry” is definitely an idiom that can be applied to driving in Colorado during the winter months. Reducing your speed will allow you to react better to whatever challenge may suddenly appear on the road before you. Be sure to stay in the right lane as well so that more experienced winter drivers are able to pass you if necessary.

Winter tires. Hydroplaning on slippery roads is a major risk for inexperienced winter drivers. In order to adequately negotiate icy conditions, it is recommended that your tires have at least 1/8” of tread on them. If you’re worried about your tires’ ability to grip the road during unfavorable conditions, be sure to contact an auto technician or visit a repair shop at your earliest convenience.

Cat litter. Even if your tires are top-notch, a lack of winter driving experience can still lead to your car getting stuck in the snow. A good product to have on hand if this indeed happens is cat litter. Spreading cat litter along the snow or ice by your tires can boost its traction level to allow you to escape your predicament.

Be prepared. The Scout Motto can definitely be utilized when you’re getting ready for the challenge of negotiating winter roads in Monument. The best way to make sure your vehicle is prepared to face Old Man Winter is by bringing it by JJ Tracks for an inspection – give us a call at (719) 481-4393 or click HERE to book your appointment today!