JJ Tracks is your hometown tire and auto center! As a Good Year Associate Dealer, our tire shop has the reputation and selection with the care and service of our family-owned auto shop.

Our tire experts will help you select the right choice for your vehicle. Overpriced retailers too often suggest tires that you do not need or pressure you into a set that is beyond your price range. Don’t settle for their tricks! Come to our shop for decision-making support and answers to find the best tire for your vehicle.

Not all tires are made equally. Consider more than the price – factors like the tire’s longevity, your driving needs, and customer reviews are equally important to help you get the most life out of your new tires. The experts at JJ Tracks are here to help! We’ll take the time to go over every factor with you so you can make the best decision.

Regular care and maintenance can help you get the longest life from your vehicle’s tires. Check tire pressure, balance, rotation, and alignment to keep the tires hitting the road at precisely the right position for the best performance and longest life.

The best maintenance services for your tires include:

Tire Sales and Repair in Monument Colorado
  • Check tire inflation & pressure
  • Tread inspection (to check for trouble areas like bubbles, uneven wear, and bald spots)
  • Replacement of tires from too low tread
  • Tire balance and rotation
  • Alignment inspection and correction
  • Check valve stems for damage and leaks
  • Lug nut inspection

Too low tread increases your risk of flat tires, blow-outs, and damage to other components. Unbalanced tires, low pressure, and misalignment can lead to premature tire wear that will mean you need to replace your tires sooner.

For a tire inspection, rotation, alignment, and service or to order your next set of new tires, call our team at 719-481-4393 or schedule your appointment online.