Your transmission is critical to keep your vehicle on the road – pay attention to changes in your vehicles performance that might indicate a problem with your transmission. If it’s hard to get your car into gear, it slips out of gear, or your gas mileage drops, bring your vehicle into your hometown auto and tire center right away.

The ASE Certified technicians at JJ Tracks have the expertise to service, diagnose, and repair transmissions for every make and model of vehicle. With up-to-date training and technology, our shop is equipped to repair older transmissions to the complex models in current vehicles.

Bring your vehicle into our family owned auto repair shop in Monument, CO, for reliable and efficient diagnosis – our technicians can quickly identify the problem affecting your vehicle and transmission to find the best solution for you. From transmission slipping to leaking fluid, hesitation in shifting, or decreased fuel efficiency, don’t wait to address issues with your transmission.

Our ASE Certified technicians can provide every transmission repair and service, including:

Transmission Repair and Service Monument Colorado

  • Transmission fluid check and replacement
  • Transmission fluid flush
  • Inspection and transmission component cleaning
  • Replacement of seals, o-rings, bands, gaskets, valves, filters
  • Faulty sensor replacement
  • Solenoids replacement
  • Clutch replacement
  • Automatic transmission rebuild or replacement
  • Manual transmission rebuild or replacement

If you have noticed problems with your vehicle and transmission or if it is due for regular transmission maintenance, stop by our auto repair shop or call 719-481-4393.You can also schedule your appointment online.