Treat Your Car!

Fall is of course the beginning of amazing foliage and temperate weather, but it’s also the start of giving season! Coloradans most likely already have items in mind to give to friends and family this season but have you made a list of treats you can get for your car?

A car treat could be something you want or need for a safer, more comfortable ride, or something special for the gearhead in your life. Get inspired by these unique gift ideas:

1 – USB Charger

Everyone appreciates an extra power charger. Universal devices offer many different uses, and are very reasonably-priced. All sorts of devices can be charged or operated through a USB plug these days. This gift is sure to please anyone who spends a good amount time on the road and uses their devices regularly!

2 – Emergency Kit

If you don’t already have one, treat yourself to a basketful of items that will come in handy during any potential unforeseen event on the road. You can make one for yourself and one for someone you love at the same time. Blankets, jumper cables, flashlights, first-aid kits and water are a good start.

3 – Cell Phone Mount

It’s a small, affordable and pivotal upgrade but one that many people haven’t yet considered. Keeping your phone up and out of your hands will help you focus on driving. Whether you’re using it to navigate or make calls in speaker mode, you’re less likely to be distracted by a phone that is mounted.

4 – Hitch Bumper Step

A hitch bumper step is a small ledge, just big enough to stand on, that is attached to your car’s hitch mount. It allows you to better reach items stored on the roof rack like bikes, skis, etc. It also helps you refrain from standing on, and potentially damaging, the less durable areas of your car.

5 – Car Seat Gap Stopper

No more dropping your phone and digging around for it blindly! A car seat gap stopper covers the space between the car seat and the console, which prevents anything from slipping into this no man’s land. It will keep chapstick, change, and all those french fries that somehow end up lost down there right where you can see them.

6 – Vinyl Floor Liners

Most cars come with cloth mats that provide some protection between your car’s flooring and everything that touches it (mud, coffee/food spills, dirty shoes, etc.) but vinyl flooring provides a huge upgrade for not much money. Vinyl floor liners are better at protecting your car, are easier to keep clean (just rinse or wipe them down) and they last significantly longer than cloth.

7 – Blind Spot Mirror

Make your everyday driving experiences easier and safer with blind spot mirrors. For as little as a few dollars, you can affix these small mirrors to your current side/rear-view mirrors and get a much better view of the road behind you.

8 – Sun Shade

Keep your car cool and protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays with a sun shade. Prevent cracks and damage to your car’s dashboard while also protecting your skin from leather seats that can get too hot to touch quickly and easily. Shop around to find a shade with an image that you or the person on your gift list would enjoy!

Each of these treats are nice additions to keep you safe and comfortable on the road, but what’s the absolute best treat for your car? Letting a technician take a look under its hood to see what it needs most!

Grab a loved one’s car and take it in for a tune-up. A safe, well-maintained car is a gift that will give back all season long. Come by or call us at 719-481-4393 to schedule an inspection!