Winter Road Hazards

Whether it’s snow, rain, or ice, the roads in your neighborhood may be feeling the brunt of the harsh weather making its way through the country. These road hazards that tend to appear this time of year can put you and your car at risk and could end up costing you thousands in repair bills. Here are a few things to look out for when you’re driving around Monument this winter:

Curbs: Heavy rain or snow can make many obstacles on the road invisible, especially when driving at night. Curbs are one of them. Running or even sliding into curbs can lead to broken shocks, damaged struts and/or misaligned wheels. When any of these things are out of whack, you may end up with a large repair bill.

Black Ice: This stuff is just clear water that has frozen on dark roads. This unseen trap catches many motorists off-guard and can easily cause you to lose control on the road. Black ice is most common on bridges, below overpasses, and around wooded areas. It’s important to know that black ice forms very quickly. The best defenses against black ice are to slow down and to have good traction on your tires.

Potholes: Try to avoid potholes as best you can this winter. Hitting them can severely damage your steering and suspension components and your tire rims; however, it’s your shocks that get the brunt of the blow when you hit a pothole. Large potholes can cause your shocks to bottom out, resulting in costly structural damage.

Salt on the Road: Though road salt is put on the roads to help cars get traction, it’s important to get salt off your car as quickly as you can. Not only can it damage your vehicle’s paint job but can also cause corrosion underneath the car. If left unattended, a little bit of road salt can end up costing you a lot more than a car wash by damaging your brake and/or fuel lines. It’s best to leave your car in a garage if you can. Another way to combat road salt is to visit a car wash that will clean the undercarriage of your vehicle.

To keep your vehicle safe this winter, stop by JJ Tracks Tire & Auto Center for a vehicle inspection. Our experienced technicians will recommend services if they are needed to help you stay safe from winter road hazards in Colorado. Request an appointment online, stop by our auto shop in Monument, or call (719) 481-4393.